The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange, and Vertex Investments N.V. have pooled resources to collaborate on Curacao’s first Public Education Initiative on Investments (the Initiative). The initiative was envisioned from the need to build on the financial education of the local community with special emphasis on investment related components.


The organizing team consist of representatives from the two leading partners mentioned above and are tasked with the following mandates:


  1. Promote discussions about investment opportunities within the local community and thereby encouraging higher levels of investments driven by individual investors;

  2. Assist entrepreneurs and business owners in identifying alternative options of financing and for those who are seeking financing options, to appreciate the need for proper financial administration, including having audited statements and strong corporate governance; and

  3. Foster a culture of entrepreneurship and investments amongst our youths within the Universities.


The initiative is being launched in four phases:


  • Phase 1: Bi-weekly publications in local newspapers

  • Phase 2: Awareness/Information Sessions on Capital Raising and Investments (Basic Level)

  • Phase 3: Master Classes (Advanced Level)

  • Phase 4: Competitions/Trading Games


The initiative is currently in its second phase and since the start of 2019, we have been hosting 2-hour information sessions that are held at the Central Bank. We deliver a new topic each month, with each session providing useful tips that can be employed in everyday life to improve your financial circumstances. Our target groups for these sessions are professionals, local business owners, and local investors. (maximum of 25 participants).


The courses are inspired by the bi-weekly articles of the Investors’ Corner written by Ms. Shaw and supported by DCSX which are published on Saturdays in Amigoe and Extra


The organizing team welcomes the support from other industry players – individuals or organizations across various disciplines including Auditing, Entrepreneurship, Financial Administration, etc. in a bid to efficiently pursue the Initiative’s mandate. Should you wish to become a partner or support the initiative in any way, please contact us.

Willemstad, Curaçao

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